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When you buy newborn baby gifts, they are as much for the parents as they are for the baby.  Here are our picks for the top 10 baby gifts that any new parent (and bub) would absolutely love!

1. Miracle Blanket

There’s one thing you can be sure that EVERY new parent needs … better sleep! You can give them a helping hand with a Miracle Blanket. This houdini-proof baby wrap is the TOP swaddle recommended by paediatricians and baby specialists worldwide. It is guaranteed to help calm even the fussiest baby, and provides gentle pressure on baby's tummy to help relieve colic.

Miracle blanket

2. Baby Face Board Book

Welcome a new baby with their very first book. This gorgeous board book is full of bright colours and smiling faces that are easy for a newborn to focus on. The fun designs will delight both parent and baby.  

baby face board book

3. Baby Rompers

You can't go wrong with cute baby onesies! New parents love them, as each item can be worn by itself so there's no need to dig around in the cupboard to find matching tops and bottoms.  Rompers stay comfortably in place all day… and they also make nappy changes a breeze!  We have adorable collections for baby girl.  Complete the outfit with a pair of baby shoes.


baby girl rompers - Lulu Babe


4. Sleeptytot Comforter

The Sleepytot is a loveable and cuddly comforter that helps babies find their own dummy easily and return to sleep without fully waking. This is a new parent’s dream… no more searching for dummies in the middle of the night!  Sleepytots come beautifully boxed, and are available in a range of fun animal designs.

Sleepytot comforter

5. Lulla Doll

The Lulla Doll is a miracle sleep companion for babies, with real breathing and heartbeat sounds.  One of these beauties would make a very impressive gift for a new mum. Lulla helps babies stabilise their own breathing and heartbeat, which helps them fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Available in blue, pink or lilac and safe to use from birth.

Lulla Doll

6. Funny Baby Outfit

Looking for a funny baby gift? New parents often receive many of the same items at a baby shower. A funny romper featuring a cheeky slogan or saying will stand out from the rest!  The Miss Sassy Pants Shorts Set is a great option for a baby girl, or browse our full collection of funny baby onesies.

funny baby clothes

7. Nappy Bag

A new Mum will appreciate a beautiful and functional nappy bag that can be used for months (or years) to come!  Choose from our selection of nappy backpacks, change wallets and nappy totes for a truly thoughtful gift.

beaulyn nappy bag

8. Baby Wardrobe Dividers

This handmade set of wardrobe dividers from Timber Tinkers is a beautiful and practical gift that new Mums will love as they get the nursery organised for bub.  The set includes sizing from newborn up to 24 months, and features a gorgeous leaf print etched on 3mm natural wood ply.

baby wardrobe dividers


9. Newborn Bean Bag

This amazing bean bag from Mini Beanz is designed to be used from birth, with a safety harness to hold bub securely in place. It provides parents with a hands-free moment while giving babies a safe and comfy place to kick and coo in comfort. This clever bean bag reduces the risk of flat head. It moulds around baby’s head to create support without placing any pressure on their fragile skull.

Mini Beanz newborn bean bag


10. Let Them Choose

If you’d like to offer a little more flexibility in your gift, how about a Lulu Babe e-gift card so your friend or loved one can choose exactly what they'd like... from baby clothes, shoes and accessories to sleeping aids, feeding accessories or anything else that takes their fancy! 

Lulu Babe gift card

Browse Lulu Babe's collection of Baby Gifts for more gift ideas!

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