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  • Sleepytot Adapter Rings for Ringless Dummies

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    Pack of 2 Adapters for Button Style Dummies with no rings - FREE shipping

    These soft, white silicone rings are needed to attach your ringless dummy to your Sleepytot comforter. They are suitable for any button style dummy but are most commonly used for MAM pacifiers. Simply open the paws on your Sleepytot comforter (sold separately) and attach the adaptor, then close the paws.

    The adapters are compatible with the following dummies:

    • MAM pacifiers
    • Munchkin knob pacifiers
    • Gerber Nuk pacifiers
    • Nuby pacifiers
    • Razbaby pacifiers
    • Born Free Night pacifiers
    • Tommee Tippee Miomee button pacifiers
    • And most other button type pacifiers

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