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  • 10 Best Newborn Baby Gifts

    July 01, 2024 4 min read

    10 Best Baby Newborn Baby Gifts Australia

    Unique Newborn Presents that Parents will love

    Newborn on the horizon? Don't get caught empty-handed! Ditch the generic onesies and dive into our hand-picked list of the top 10 unique and practical gifts that go beyond the usual suspects. Whether you're a proud grandparent showering the little one with love, or a friend seeking the perfect baby shower touch, we've got something to spark joy and create lasting memories.

    From cozy swaddles and cute outfits to special keepsakes, you'll find something to melt every tiny heart (and impress every parent). Ready to be the ultimate gift hero? Read on now!

    1. Baby Memory Book

    Personalised baby memory book

    From tiny handprints to first giggles, watch a life unfold within this exquisite baby memory book. 190 pages invite you to chronicle every precious moment, from wobbly first steps to family adventures. Personalise the cover with baby's name, crafting a gift that speaks of love and lasts a lifetime. We also love this best-selling baby memory book from Amazon. No matter the choice, capture those precious moments and create a cherished keepsake that celebrates the wonder of a new life.


    2. Baby Gift Box

    baby gift box - newborn gift idea

    A baby gift box, like this beautiful pink floral gift box, is an excellent choice for a newborn. This beautifully packaged set includes essentials like a sherpa blanket, muslin swaddle, a wooden brush and a milestone plaque to record birth details. It combines practicality with sentimental value, making it a thoughtful and comprehensive gift for new parents. Plus, the attractive packaging ensures it’s ready to be delivered straight to the recipient with a personalised gift message, hassle-free. Browse here for more gorgeous gift boxes for baby girls and boys.


    3. Personalised Plush Toys

    Personalised plush toys - featuring baby's name and birth details

    A personalised plush toy, featuring the baby's name and birth details, makes a wonderful newborn gift that parents will cherish forever. At 20cm tall, these plush toys are just the right size for tiny hands to grasp, offering comfort and companionship through every milestone. Whether it’s the koala, lion or highland cow, each toy is designed to bring joy and comfort. Gift a personalised plush toy and give a gift that will be remembered and loved for years to come.


    4. Baby's First Hair Brush

    Personalised wooden hairbrush for baby

    Made from quality beechwood timber with soft goat hair bristles, this baby hair brush makes a beautiful and practical gift.  Your hair brush can be personalised with baby's name or a sweet message to make it extra special.  What a beautiful, unique gift this would make for any expectant parent! 


    5. Adorable Baby Outfits

    Baby outfits - newborn gift idea
    Conquer newborn wardrobe woes with the gift of effortless style! Baby clothes are a practical and delightful present. Say goodbye to the hunt for matching separates with comfy one-pieces, and discover our collections for baby boys, little girls, and plenty of gender-neutral options. Dive into our basics collection for buttery-soft essentials, or unleash your inner fashionista with our playful prints and trendy styles. Don't forget the finishing touch - our adorable baby shoes complete the look and keep tiny toes on the go! 


    6. Wooden Name Sign for Nursery

    Personalised Wooden Name Sign

    Ditch the generic, embrace the extraordinary! A personalised wooden name sign for the nursery isn't just a gift, it's a masterpiece. Imagine baby's name, crafted from high-quality plywood in a beautiful font, becoming a focal point above their cot. Choose the perfect size from 30cm to a grand 100cm, to watch their name become the centrepiece of their tiny haven.


    7. Jersey Quilted Play Mat

    Jersey quilted play mat makes a great gift idea

    Introduce the little one to the world of play and exploration with this cozy Jersey quilted play mat. This super soft play mat is perfect for tummy time, rolling practice, or just chilling out. Made from high-quality, quilted jersey material, it's comfy and supportive for baby's delicate body. Plus, with its gorgeous and modern design, this play mat will look fab in any nursery or play area. Easy to fold and carry, it's great for playdates or park visits.


    8. Funny Baby Outfit 

    Looking for a unique and funny present for the little one? Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with a witty romper that showcases a clever phrase or message! Browse Lulu Babe's full collection of funny baby outfits for more ideas (adorable styles available on Amazon too!). Funny baby clothes aren't just cute, they're conversation starters, memory-makers, and guaranteed to bring smiles for years to come.


    9. Stylish & Practical Nappy Bag

    Nappy bags - newborn gift idea

    No more nappy disaster juggling! Empower new parents with the gift of hands-free ease. Whether they prefer the classic tote or the on-the-go convenience of a backpack, our collection of nappy bags offers style and functionality for every adventure. Discover waterproof wonders, convertible designs, and hidden compartments to keep essentials organised and accessible. Pick the perfect fit for their parenting journey and watch those grateful smiles.


    10. Personalised Night Light

    A personalised night light makes a beautiful and practical newborn giftLight up their world with a personalised night light! This thoughtful gift isn't just illumination, it's a whispered lullaby etched in glowing letters. Baby's name softly bathes the nursery in a comforting glow, chasing away shadows and fears. Imagine tiny fingers tracing the familiar curves, a nightly ritual that sparks wonder and whispers sweet dreams.


    Let Them Choose

    Lulu Babe gift card

    Choosing the perfect newborn gift can be a joy, but sometimes a touch overwhelming! If you're still searching for that extra-special surprise, consider the magic of a Lulu Babe gift card. It's a blank canvas for their budding little wardrobe, a passport to nursery dreams, and a thoughtful gesture that lets them pick the perfect piece of their tiny world.

    For more gift ideas, browse Lulu Babe's full collection of baby gifts

    Congratulations, you're officially a gift-giving guru! This list might be ending, but the journey of celebrating new life is just beginning. So whether you opt for a personalised cuddle buddy, a stylish nappy bag for on-the-go adventures, or a cozy swaddle woven with love, remember that the best gifts are the ones that whisper joy, nurture dreams, and become beloved companions on this incredible adventure called parenthood. Happy gifting!

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