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  • How to Create a Baby Registry with Babylist

    November 13, 2023 5 min read

    How to create a baby registry with Babylist

    Expecting a baby? Congratulations! As you plan for your bundle of joy, registering for all those sweet little baby items can be one of the most exciting experiences of pregnancy. However, building a baby registry can also feel overwhelming!

    So, let us help.  We’ve created this baby registry checklist and guide to make registering for your baby a breeze.

    Should I Do a Baby Registry?

    In short.... YES!  The idea of making a list of the gifts you would like to receive may sound greedy or tacky, but actually it can be a huge favour to those who wish to buy you gifts! 

    People LOVE babies. They want to buy you stuff, and creating a registry is a great way to point your friends and family in the right direction. It helps out the people who truly want to get you something you'll love (or who simply don’t have a clue what to buy you!).

    A registry also prevents you getting 10 of the same thing, as your friends can reserve an item that they are planning to buy for you.

    Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s get into it!

    What is the Best Online Baby Registry?

    These days an online baby registry is the way to go. You can register for free and there's no pressure to buy anything, plus friends and family can easily contribute to your registry without having to visit a physical store.  So... which online baby registry is the best?  Our top pick is Babylist.

    What is Babylist and How Does it Work?

    Babylist is an online baby registry that lets you put together a baby shower gift wish list for all your friends and family that want to buy you something.  Much like Pinterest, you can add products from literally anywhere on the web.

    Why we love Babylist:

    • You can add items that are not in the big baby stores. This is a huge benefit! There are so many adorable gifts from online baby boutiques and Etsy shops that people would love to give you. Babylist can point them right to it.
    • When adding an item to your registry, you can leave a note on why you need it or what you love about it.
    • You can add non-material gift options to your registry, such as vouchers for babysitting or house cleaning after bub arrives. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be served a warm meal, see the house cleaned and the laundry done? You can also request second hand items such as books, clothes and other baby gear. Simply use the Help and Favors Registry to add one of these non-material options.  Get creative and ask for whatever you need.
    • As with other registries, gift givers can reserve a gift that they plan to buy (or mark it as already purchased) to prevent double-ups.
    • Adding items to your registry is super easy… you can pull items in from any website you want with the click of a button! We’ll get to that in a bit.

    Head to and click on “Start Your Babylist Registry” to get started.  Once you’ve registered, it’s time for the fun part! You can start adding your wish list of baby items from literally ANY store… from prams and strollers to baby clothes and nursery decor.

    How do I add items to Babylist?

    Adding items to your Babylist registry is easy!  There are 3 ways to do it:

    • Install the Babylist Chrome Extension. This allows you to add items to your registry from any online store with the click of the button.
    • Download the Babylist App. It lets you easily search for a product from anywhere on the web and then add it directly to your registry.
    • If you’re on a laptop or desktop, head to to quickly install the “Add to Babylist” button to your bookmarks bar.  You'll need to make sure your bookmark bar remains visible.

    Your registry will have a unique link that you can share with your friends and family (or have it added to your shower invitations).  You can change the link in your settings (under Registry Info) if you like.  

    Here's a sample Babylist registry to give you an idea of how it looks once it's all set up.

    Don’t forget to add your full mailing address for friends who are far away.

    Baby Registry Tips For Soon-To-Be Mums

    Once you’ve created your Babylist registry, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it.
    1. Register for a lot of items (even more than you think you'll need). If you don't and there’s nothing left on your list people will start buying you random things that you may not want or need. It’s also more fun for your friends and family if there are lots of adorable items to choose from.
    2. Start early. We recommend getting started on your baby registry early in your pregnancy. This gives you plenty of time to browse around and gradually build your gift list. You can use Babylist like a Wishlist to help you get organised for your bub, and can always update it with new items as you think of them. When you feel ready, you can change your registry from “private” to “public” mode and share it with your friends. Be sure to give them plenty of time to select their gifts.
    3. Choose a range of clothing sizes. While it may be tempting to stock up on those cute newborn sizes, your little one will soon outgrow the newborn stage. It’s always good to have bodysuits and onesies of varying sizes and styles. Some babies fit newborn size perfectly, while others are ready for the three-month-old size from birth. Also, shopping is going to be off the list for some time once your baby arrives. Having different sizes and styles of baby clothes will make your life a whole lot easier!
    4. Register for big stuff and little stuff. Don’t feel ashamed to register that $1000 pram you have your heart set on. Some people like to go in on a gift together (such as your work colleagues), or someone may want to really splash out to get you something special. On the other hand, little gifts are ideal for people that aren’t as close to you, or for people to “top up” another gift they’ve bought for you. (It also helps to balance out those big ticket items!). Adding requests for non-gift favours is also a great way for people to get you something special if they don’t have a lot of money to spend.
    5. Add a mix of practical and fun items. A baby registry is a great way to get all the practical and important items that you’ll need for bub. But not everyone likes to buy a breast pump or nappies, so be sure to register for some unique and fun stuff too. Beautiful swaddles, nappy bags or a personalised stuffed toy aren’t necessarily “essentials” but they will still come in handy and have more of a wow factor at a shower that gift-givers will love!

    Having a baby registry organised with items from your favourite shops can help you remain focused on the crucial points of staying well and having a healthy pregnancy. Your Babylist registry not only makes buying baby gifts easier; it also allows your family and friends to get involved and share in the joys of parenthood while your little bundle takes over your world.