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  • How to Organise Baby Clothes

    October 11, 2022 3 min read

    How to organise baby clothes - clever tips

    Feeling Overwhelmed by Tiny Outfits? Conquer the Chaos with These Clever Baby Clothes Organisation Tips!

    Let's face it, those adorable baby clothes are irresistible. But before you know it, a sea of outgrown onesies and miniature socks can take over your nursery. Ditch the rummaging and lost socks! These clever organisation tips will streamline your mornings, save you time, and keep your little one's wardrobe under control.

    1. Baby Wardrobe Dividers

    We tend to end up with LOTS of new baby clothes of varying sizes.  Sort those tiny treasures by size, and keep everything separate with some hanging wardrobe dividers or size-tags.  The added bonus with sorting by size is that you won’t forget a cute onesie that got stuck at the bottom of a pile!

    Wardrobe dividers help you to see sizes at a glance. We recommend grouping them into sizes of newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. This makes picking out clothes SO much easier!

    There are free printable dividers available online, including these beautiful ones from Cassie Scroggins. You can choose from a floral or monochrome print. 

    2. Add a Rail for Extra Hanging Space

    Not enough room to hang your little fashionista’s growing clothing collection? Double your hanging space by installing an extra rail in their wardrobe underneath the top rail. A double hang clothes rail such as this one will give you an instant fix. Simply adding a tension rod inside the cupboard will also do the trick! 

    A second hanging rail helps you to make the most of vertical space in your little one’s wardrobe. Baby clothes do not need nearly as much hanging space as adult clothes, so you should still have room to store extra baby blankets and boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe.

    3. Drawer Dividers

    Divide and conquer! Drawer dividers are a clever and cost-effective way to organise clothes. They help to bring order to your chaos and help to keep everything in its place. 

    Organise baby clothes with drawer dividers

    A set of SKUBB boxes from Ikea will accomplish the task nicely. They fit neatly inside drawers and hold plenty of booties, caps, tops, shorts and accessories. Roll up baby onesies and clothing items so they take up less space in each box.

    4. Hack a Shoe Organiser

    Hanging shoe organisers are a fantastic way to save valuable drawer space and can store everything from baby blankets or shoes to rolled up onesies or even nappies. They tend to be see-through, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

    You can hang a shoe organiser over the back of a door - perfect for small spaces. Put one near your baby changing area, and you have easy access to clean nappies and clothes. Genius!

    shoe organisers for baby clothes

    5. Use Pegs to Pair them up

    Clothes pegs are a fantastic DIY solution for organising baby clothes. Use them to clip matching outfits together on hangers. It is also a clever way to save space in your wardrobe.

    Organise baby clothes with clothes pegs

    6. "Too Big" or "Too Small" bins

    We love this tip from professional organiser Susie Salinas.  Keep two bins in your baby's cupboard - one for clothes that are too big and one for the items your baby has outgrown.  A few times a year, you can empty the TOO SMALL bin (donate, sell or pack away for the next baby).  At the same time you can look through the TOO BIG bin to see if anything fits yet. 

    Organise baby clothes into "too small" and "too big" bins

    Try out all or some of these ways to organise your little one’s clothes. With just a few quick changes, you can turn a mess into a stylish wardrobe. This will declutter your little one’s space and help you find the right item quickly when you need it the most.